Ca Na Negreta is the leading environmental management company in Ibiza with 40 years of experience in waste recovery.


Currently Ca Na Negreta offers a wide range of services and training for the removal, management and recycling of a multitude of waste products, both hazardous and non-hazardous.

Work lines


Ca Na Negreta works in different work lines:


  • Managing the removal of waste, whether dangerous or not (e.g., collection of unused tyres from workshops).
  • Promoting the reuse of products, (e.g., sale of used car parts).
  • Facilitating the removal of hazardous waste, (e.g. free vegetable oil removal programme).
  • By recovering waste through its purchase from individuals and businesses (e.g. purchase of metals such as copper, lead, zinc, tin, etc.).
  • Bringing the user closer to the daily task of recycling (e.g. managing the network of clean points on the island of Ibiza).

Our facilities


The complex where Ca Na Negreta is located complies with the strictest environmental regulations and meets all the requirements for the reception, selection, cutting, treatment, storage and transport of each type of waste.


From the vehicle and boat dismantling chain, to the logistics centre and electronic waste treatment plant, including the different decontamination and storage areas.


Everything is subject to rigorous control to ensure minimum impact and maximum environmental safety.

Our company has different centres in Pitiüsas Islands:


  • Central offices – Crta. San Juan Km 6.1
  • Scrap yard Formentera- Cap de Barbaria
  • Towing – Montecristo Polygon
  • Montecristo Scrap Yard
  • Waste transfer plant – GESA’s industrial area
  • Deixalleries (Green poin)- 6 fixed (Can Guerxo, Cala de Bou, Ses Païsses, Montecristo, Ca
  • Na Palava and Can Sansó) and two mobile.

Our fleet


  • 3 vans of 3,5Tn with ramp for transport of Hazardous Waste.
  • 1 refrigerated truck for transporting medical waste.
  • 4 trucks of +3,5Tn of box for transport of dangerous residues.
  • 5 trucks of 2 axles with open box and crane.
  • 2 scrap trucks of 3 axles with open box and crane.
  • 1 100% electric vehicle from the environmental department.
  • 1 commercial vehicle.
  • 1 trailer-cube of 12,000 liters for transporting vegetable oil.
  • 1 trailer-case for asbestos removal.



ISO 9001:2015


ISO 14001:2015


ISO 15713:2010




Quality and Environment Policy


Sustainability Policy


Waste management authorization


NIMA: 0700000022


Hazardous waste management center: 04G01000000000040

Non-hazardous waste management center: 04G01000000007057


Carrier of hazardous waste: 04T04000000006710
Carrier of non-hazardous waste: 04T02000000000220


RERA: 07/00036
REA: 04/03/0012923