Waste Management

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We offer a free removal and management service for used cooking oils from bars, restaurants and hotels on the Pityusic Islands. We have been collecting vegetable oil since 2009 and managing waste for more than 30 years.


We pay for the oil collected. Ask us about the conditions.

We offer a drum change service in two different formats. 120L and 60L. We remove the dirty drum and replace it with a clean one.

120L – 80cm high 48 cm wide
60L – 66cm high 40 cm wide

Entrust us with your collections


Through our APP, by calling (+34) 971 311 313 or by sending an email to mediambient2@reciclanegreta.com.


With our APP: Look for Ca Na Negreta in your mobile app store or by scanning these codes.

We schedule weekly, monthly and quarterly collections without you having to make a request.


Regulations require bars and restaurants to recycle the vegetable oil used in their kitchens because it helps reduce pollution in our environment. 1 litre of oil contaminates 1,000 litres of water. Disposing of these oils in treatment plants can be a very difficult task and consumes a lot of energy. The oil, when mixed with other solids, leads to obstructions in the sewage system. It becomes food for rodents and encourages breeding.


Ca Na Negreta, S.A., facility authorised by the Balearic Government Waste Service under:

NIMA (Environmental Identification Number): 0700000022

Hazardous waste management center: 04G01000000000040

Non-hazardous waste management center: 04G01000000007057

Carrier of hazardous waste: 04T04000000006710
Carrier of non-hazardous waste: 04T02000000000220

List available on www.residus.caib.es


We also collect vegetable oil from residential properties.


Using or selling asbestos has been banned since December 2002. It is present in a large number of installations, construction materials, pipes, tanks, etc., with full health guarantees. Our staff is trained in all matters relating to dismantling structures, working with asbestos, prevention of occupational hazards and have all the individual protection equipment required by law. For large dismantling projects we have a decontamination trailer unit that allows us to carry out the process safely.


The services provided range from taking in waste at the plant to dismantling large surface structures in strict compliance with regulations.

Taking in material at the plant*.


This must be delivered in special asbestos bags or completely plasticised with 400-gauge film and palletised.

Pick-up and removal.


With our resources, we pick up and remove the asbestos at the location indicated by the customer.

Dismantling of structures.


Elaboration of the asbestos removal plan submitted to the Ministry of Health, dismantling of the structures with the approved resources, transport and disposal in compliance with regulations.

Types of Fibre Cement




We sell approved asbestos bags in two formats:

BigBag 1m3: 90x90x90 cm. (loose scraps or water tanks).

Bigbag sheets: 320x120x30 cm. (15 sheets approx.).

Get advice from Ca Na Negreta´s specialists.


* According to current regulations, a private individual can sporadically dismantle fibre cement without a license, up to a maximum of 50m2 (we recommend avoiding breaking the asbestos, wearing overalls, disposable gloves and a dust mask with a P3 filter). For more surfaces, you must hire an authorised RERA-registered company and draw up a work plan authorised by the Government of Balearic Islands´ Department of Occupational Health.


Ca Na Negreta is a RERA-registered company under number 07/00036.


Metals and scrap metal are wastes that, due to their volume and weight, have the greatest impact on the environment. Ca Na Negreta, in its commitment to sustainability and environmental efficiency, works intensively to collect and manage this type of waste.

We buy all kinds of recoverable metals in bulk from both individuals and companies. Copper, lead, zinc, tin, aluminium, iron… many everyday objects can be delivered to Ca Na Negreta to be weighed, valued and bought by us. A way to help the environment and obtain economic returns from what we no longer use: pans, cutlery, shelves, hotel and catering furniture, taps, pipes, etc. All scrap metal is worth something.


Dismantling of structures.


We have the necessary technical equipment mainly for industrial dismantling, cutting and transporting metal structures, machinery, wiring and other large or heavy metal structures. Get in touch.


Ca Na Negreta offers our customers a secure confidential material destruction service in accordance with the UNE 15713:2010 standard.
We provide two types of service, according to the customer´s needs:

One-off destruction service.


Destruction of confidential material that the customer has stored in its facilities.

Periodic destruction service.


Periodic service including supplying and replacing closed containers at the customer’s premises.

The customer can also bring the documents directly to the destruction plant (by appointment only).

Types of documents accepted: Paper, magnetic storage (e.g. Floppy disks), optical storage (CD), electronic storage (USB).

Transportation of confidential material


Confidential material will only be transported in the closed box vans owned by the company. These vehicles have the following characteristics:


  • GPS Geolocator installed.
  • Lockable doors.
  • Communication system via radio or telephone to communicate with head office.
  • Alarm system.
  • The vehicles are locked while in transit and journeys are insured.
  • The vehicles remain locked and stationary when there is no operator in them.


Transport will always be from the customer’s home to the destruction centre, without any intermediate stops. All confidential material removed will be destroyed within 24 hours of being collected. Once the material has been destroyed, a Certificate of Destruction will be issued to the customer.

Types of containers we offer:


120L container (80x41x41cm)
240L container (96x43x57cm)

Don’t waste time destroying your company´s documentation. Let us take care of it.


Ca Na Negreta is the designated end-of-life tyre management centre. The most convenient and flexible option for garages that want to dispose of tyres in accordance with the law.

If you need to recover your keys click on this link.


If you do not remember your username, you can verify it on your SIGNUS delivery note containing your tax information (it starts with G07 followed by five more numbers).


We have the necessary technical equipment mainly for industrial dismantling, cutting and transporting metal structures, machinery, wiring and other large or heavy metal structures. Get in touch.


On islands, quite often boats need to be removed that have come to the end of their useful life. At Ca Na Negreta, we handle the entire process: from dismantling the boat to transporting it for its subsequent breaking and processing at our main facilities.


We have a wide range of heavy transport vehicles capable of dealing with any challenge with full guarantees. We remove and scrap all types of boats (yachts, speedboats, semi-rigid boats, fibre boats, iron boats…).

We do not process the de-registration of the boat but we do issue a Certificate of Dismantling so that this can be processed by the Port Authority.

Request a quote:


Ca Na Negreta manages a wide range of non-hazardous domestic and industrial waste (workshops, hotels, restaurants, private individuals…)

  • Paper and cardboard
  • Plastics
  • Glass containers
  • Debris
  • Pruning remains
  • Small and large household appliances
  • Computer, electrical and electronic equipment
  • Flat glass
  • Tyres
  • Furniture
  • Pallets
  • Etc.

Batteries, fluorescent and low consumption bulbs, paints and solvents, pesticides, batteries, mineral and vegetable oils, toners, phytosanitary products and many more are collected and adequately treated at Ca Na Negreta’s facilities. The adequate management of toxic waste perfectly sums up Ca Na Negreta’s commitment to protecting the environment. The company has implemented specific programmes for the collection and correct processing of all waste deemed to be toxic or hazardous.


We remove and manage all types of hazardous waste for all of the island´s industries:




We install clean points in establishments to centralise the storage of properly identified waste, delivering training to employees on how to separate such waste. A way to easily recycle hazardous waste that will give you points towards environmental certifications or before Tour Operators.

Workshops/Nautical centres


They generate a wide range of hazardous waste. We advise our customers on how to manage them, installing properly identified clean points and coordinating collections to provide all types of help.

Health centres


We remove, transport and manage group I, II and II sanitary waste. We have all the authorisations, duly trained staff and approved vehicles for such transport. Clinics, hospitals, vets, tattoo parlours, animal remains, SANDACH, etc. Check with our technicians.




Removal of rubble, fibre cement, dismantling of large metal structures, etc. For waste coming from construction sites, please check with us beforehand.

WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment)


Ca Na Negreta is the only company authorised on the Pityusic Islands to manage all types of electrical and electronic equipment. ECOLEC, ECOTIC, ECOFIMATICA, TRAGAMOVIL are some of the integral systems with which Ca Na Negreta works to guarantee the safe removal of these products and the adequate use of their components.


Environmental Emergencies


We deal with:


  • Polluting discharges in water.
  • Soil Decontamination.
  • Degasification and inertisation of storage tanks.

Please contact us if you require information on other procedures.

Environmental Services

In CA NA NEGRETA SA we have an environmental department to be able to advise our clients on environmental issues and carry out the corresponding management.


NIMA number


-What is NIMA?
NIMA (Número de Identificación Medio Ambiental) is the code that uniquely identifies each and every one of the centres registered as producers* and/or waste managers.


NIMA is a code used at a state level, so all centres that produce, transport or manage waste, regardless of their location, have an associated NIMA that must be known by the public administrations and private entities with which that centre participates, thus allowing the electronic exchange of data between all participating actors.


NIMAs must be compulsorily referenced in the hazardous waste control documents used each time a hazardous waste is transferred from a production centre to a management facility.


In the same way that a NIF is associated with a company, the NIMA is associated with a centre, understood as one or several installations subject to different authorisations, located on the same site and whose holder is the same natural or legal person.


*Waste producer is defined as “any natural or legal person who has an activity that produces waste (initial waste producer) or any person who carries out pre-processing, mixing or other operations resulting in a change in the nature or composition of this waste”. (Article 3.i) of Law 22/2011 of 28 July 2011 on waste and contaminated soil)



-Who assigns the NIMAs?
The Autonomous Community where the centre is located will be in charge of registering the centre’s data and assigning its NIMA code.
As  registration, the Autonomous Community that owns the register will be in charge of updating and deleting it, which, as mentioned above, will be the one where the centre is located.

In Balearic Islands, NIMA are assigned by the Ministry of the Environment and Territory of the Balearic Government

List of producers from the Balearic Islands (external link to Balearic Government’s website)


-How are the centers coded?

The NIMA code is made up of a ten-digit numerical code, the first two referring to the INE (National Institute of Statistics) code of the province where the centre is located and the remaining eight digits will be managed by each CA as a counter.



(Art. 41 of Law 8/2019, on waste and contaminated soil of the Balearic Islands)

In application of the second transitory disposition of Law 8/2019 on waste and contaminated soils of the Balearic Islands, the communication procedure of waste production for inscription in the register can only be carried out telematically.


-REGISTRATION AS A PRODUCER OF WASTE. The formalisation of the communication prior to the start of the activity must be done through this link (external link to the Balearic Government website)

A new discharge is considered if the changes affect:

– Location of the place where the waste is generated
– For the start of hazardous waste generation. (New registrations or existing registrations that do not have hazardous)
– For starting to produce 10,000 kg/year of hazardous waste
– For going on to produce more than 1,000 tons/year of non-hazardous
– By change of CIF of the holder


NIMA PROCESSING FOR CUSTOMERS OF CA NA NEGRATA SA: We offer our customers the free advice for processing of the NIMA code (the customer will only have to pay the fee of the Balearic Government. Approx. 50,80 €)


To process it, you will have to contact us at this link. In order to carry out the procedure, the applicant must have the following requirements:

Digital certificate correctly installed (you can request it at the Tax Office or your tax consultant) and an updated operating system installed on your computer.

NIF of the holder or CIF of the company in a PDF. If you are a company, you must provide your CIF, administrator’s NIF and deeds, all in PDF format and separate files.

Autofirma application installed on your computer.

Debit/credit card or access to online banking for payment of the Balearic Government tax.

Waste contract (it will be taken by the commercial. You must sign it and scan it into a single PDF document of no more than 5Mb). To do this you must either have it scanned or sign it beforehand and we will take the scanned document on a second visit.

Send it to the email: residuos@reciclanegreta.com


-MODIFICATIONS OR WITHDRAWALS OF WASTE PRODUCERS. The modifications or cancellations of previous communications already presented, must be done through the following form (external link to the Balearic Government website).


Once they are registered as producers, they will be registered in Balearic Islands’ Registry of Production and Management of Resorts and will appear in the List of Producers that is published periodically on the Balearic Government’s website.

Warning: The correct communications will not be answered by letter, they will appear in the list directly.



Producers of non-hazardous waste that generate less than 1,000 tonnes per year and persons or entities that have obtained authorisation as managers of waste treatment facilities and that also produce waste as a result of their activity are exempt from submitting prior producer notification. Nevertheless, the above maintains the consideration of producers of waste for the other purposes regulated in the waste law or in any other regulation that affects them.


If you have any doubts, please contact our environmental technicians.

Types of containers